WALK-UPs with Radiant Human

I love the serendipitous and I want to make sure there is time for those who weren't able to snag a ticket. To do this, I reserve a certain number of ticket-times per hour for walk up guests. If you are interested in walking up, here's how it works. 

The list works on a first come/first served basis.

To get onto the walk-up list you must come in-person on the day of the event. 

Once you arrive at the venue, check in with the host. She will be able to inform you of the walk-up list status. 

Due to the ticketed guest taking precedent, there may be a bit of a wait. 

It's also possible for the walk in list to be full. If this is the case, it means that all of our appointments have been filled for that day. 

Before you head down to the venue to jump on the list, make sure to check my Instagram Story. If the list is full, I will post about it there to let everyone know and save you the trip. www.instagram.com/radianthuman_

The list starts fresh with each day, so if I'm were full on one day, you can try for the next day.

Please visit my tour page to see dates, location and hours of operation.