What is Radiant Human?

Radiant Human is the first of its kind: a roving, fully adaptable aura photography laboratory; an immersive salon of extrasensory image-making. It's a whole thing. We foster the ephemeral and make the metaphysical tangible. We make polaroid photographs of you and your aura. We come to you.

Radiant Human is the portrait practice of Portland-based visual artist Christina Lonsdale. The prodigal daughter of an energy painter mother and a two-time commune founding father, Lonsdale was raised on mysticism at the dawn of the digital age — formative years when science and spiritualism occupied equal bandwidth. In Radiant Human, she finds a sort of parity between these opposing faiths; a discipline that shores up the distance between New Age selfdiscovery and New Media self(ie)-actualization.

Radiant Human is responsible for thousands of phantasmagorical photographs, captured all across North America. Our personalized aura portraits embolden participants to open themselves to the ineffable — promoting greater awareness of all the subtle influences effecting our everyday.